Your accommodation on the water, made for making weekend memories!

A unique 5 meter boat with a spacious twin berth cabin, a fore deck, a sun deck and a cockpit area, all designed to best utilise all available space for maximum comfort. 

Perfect for overnight stays and short marine based excursions. 

A semi displacement hull which offers fantastic stability and an efficient hull meaning a 40HP motor will get you to a top speed of 22 knots. 

The Arba 500 has been designed with ingenuity, transforming the space of a 5 meter boat to include multiple unique spaces;

  • Spacious cockpit seating 5 persons comfortably

  • Foredeck area to seat 2 persons 

  • A diving platform, a great place to sit and watch Dolphins from

  • A sundeck above the cabin

  • A twin berth spacious cabin area to sleep or relax 

The 500 cabin is designed with a semi displacement hull for the best of both worlds, an extremely stable boat as well as sea fairing capability. This results in a very comfortable ride and real relaxation on the water. 

Arba 500 cabin is certified to carry 5 persons in total and with all the different area's in its layout you will always be left with a feeling of space and freedom, a unique experience for this sized boat. 


Includes VAT & All Standard Equipment

Boat Only


Top Speed: 11 Knots

Cruising Speed: 7 Knots


Top Speed: 22 Knots

Cruising Speed: 17 Knots

2 kw Electric

Equivilent Power: 5HP

Cruising Speed: 3 Knots

Top Speed: 6 Knots

Run Time: 1-10 hours 






All The Numbers You Need To Know

Boat Length

Length Overall


Fuel Capacity

CE Category

Maximum Persons

Weight (Boat & Engine) 

Recommended Engine Power

Maximum Engine Power

Mximum speed

Cruising Speed




50 litres






22 Knots

16 Knots

Standard Equipment Included

Arba boats are honestly priced to include everything you need and a few extra bits too! 

As you can see below we package our boats to include almost every accessory that we advertise them with. No more falling for the deluxe but seeing a budget price. We sell our boats with almost everything you need (and most likely want) included with only a small list of non essential extra's. 


Outboard Engine

Only the best will do for our boats, prices include fitment, steering & wiring

Self Draining Cockpit

A sign of a quality boat , no bilge system needed, bonus!

Full Length Bimini

Instant protection from rain or sun

Boss Audio

Music System

Complete with x2 marine speakers


A full set of 8 fenders completing the 500s classic look and feel

Stainless steel cleats

A full set of the essentials positioned perfectly around the boat

Navigation Lights

An essential for those sunset cruises


A full set of comfort cushions for the cabin bed and the cockpit seat benches

50l Fuel Tanks

Two removable 25 litre fuel tanks for reliability of level and simple supply, just take them out and fill up at any petrol station

Hummingbird Helix 5 Sonar, GPS & Fishfinder

A comprehensive piece of equipment offering depth, chart plotting and fish finding assistance

Waist Height

Hand Rails

Stainless steel waist level handrails to assist in moving about the boat

12v Phone Charger

Two charging points for your mobile phone and accessories, one in the cabin and one in the cockpit

Lockable Cabin Door

Keep your boat secure and ventilated, both essential when on excursion to far away lands

Stern Platforms

Offering a whole host of benefits these platforms are a unique offering by Arba Nautika

Swimming Ladder

Stainless steel. Coupled with our stern platforms Arba boats offer an easy and dignified exit from the water after a refreshing swim

Porthole Windows

A very unique feature to Arba Nautika, these windows not only offer quaint character but ventilation to your cabin

500 CABIN Gallery 

A Photographic guide to your dream boat

Arba 500 CABIN
Arba 500 CABIN
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Arba 500 CABIN
Arba 500 CABIN
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Arba 500 CABIN
Arba 500 CABIN
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Arba 500 CABIN
Arba 500 CABIN
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Arba 500 CABIN cockpit area
Arba 500 CABIN cockpit area
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Arba 500 Cockpit area
Arba 500 Cockpit area
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Arba 500 CABIN
Arba 500 CABIN
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Arba 500 CABIN
Arba 500 CABIN
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Arba 500 CABIN
Arba 500 CABIN
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Arba 500 Drone Image.jpeg
Arba 500 Drone Image.jpeg
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Arba 500 CABIN
Arba 500 CABIN
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Optional Extra's

Braked Trailer


Made by Extreme Marine based in Southampton, your comprehensive and premium quality trailer will save you on mooring fee's and make life easy for you in both putting and taking your boat out of water.



A great value item that offers shelter to the driver whether it be from the splash, rain or sun. Made from a stainless steel frame and very high quality fabrics you will not be disappointed with this removable add on.



For those who intend to moor their boats on the water all year around this is a basic essential and only the best materials are used. As a result we use a 2 year paint reducing your need to anti foul to every second year.

Mooring Cover


With its self draining cockpit it does not matter if water gets on board as no bilge is required however the mooring cover will keep you boat looking 5*. Again made from only the best materials and by the most skilled professionals. 

Teak Effect Marine Carpets


A very classy addition to cover your deck and protect it from wear and tear. Fully water and stain proof, washable by hose or jet wash your boat will be kept looking fresh.

Anchor Winch


The anchor winch is a fantastic remote controlled alternative for those wanting the true essence of luxury and for those who struggle to manually operate an anchor themselves.

Leisure Battery 


An ideal extra if you intend on using multiple electronic accessories for a prolonged period of time with the engine off. This is a requirement if opting for the fridge option.



Your best friend when it comes to that ice cold beer and fresh picnic ingredients. The fridge on the 500 is conveniently removable and user friendly. 



A firm favourite of all the extra's, a solid stainless steel frame offering extra grab rails and a 10 mm scratch resistant perspex panel offers another depth to the design of your boat. Conveniently it also works as a comfortable backrest for the sundeck above the cabin. 

Cockpit Picnic Table


A very popular addition, a foldable and removable teak design picnic table. With a Nautical star centre this is a truly classic and beautiful addition to the cockpit area and when not needed can be easily stored in the locker area. 

Portable Toilet


An essential item for the long trips out to sea, very conveniently stored nestled away behind the bulkhead in the cabin this portable toilet will not be a burden but a useful item for those moments in need. 

Anchor Kit


A basic claw anchor with full set of links, line and chain supplied to fit neaty in the anchor locker in the bow. 

Starter Kit


A comprehensive kit for those new to boating including the following;

  • Handheld Waterproof Floatable VHS

  • Inflatable Lifejackets x5

  • Mooring Lines - Full Set

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • First Aid Kit - Coastal

  • Anchor Kit

  • Boat Hook

  • Powercap

  • Fiberfix Emergency Repair Kit

  • Almanac for UK Waters

  • Extra Large Dry Bag

  • Waterproof Torch

  • Safety Flares

Spare Engine Bracket


For those who have or require a spare outboard engine for safety purposes we can supply a bracket on the stern platform to accommodate your additional engine. 

Our Stern Platforms

Unique to Arba Nautika, why will these revolutionise your boating experience?

There are a few reasons these enhance your experience on the water so significantly;

Swimming - As you may have experienced before getting back into a boat after swimming can be a very difficult exercise as you flop over the high side back into the comfort and safety of the boat. No more, these platforms offer staged access for you to retain your dignity and reduce the risk of injury, especially essential for elderly or young guests. 

Buoyancy & Stability - Having this extra buoyancy at the rear of the boat where the heavy engine sits enhances the performance of the boat and quickens its ability to get onto the plane as the stern of the boat is less inclined to dig into the water. They also act as stabilisers meaning as you walk around or side to side the boat is much more stable under foot, great for those with sea sickness. 

Protection for your engine - Lets face it we all make mistakes but with these platforms sitting either side of the most expensive part of the boat this design is much more forgiving as you will likely hit them instead of your precious engine, meaning you are safer too as you protect your lifeline. They also help deflect loose rope away from your propeller preventing prop wrap. 


Getting on and off - When moving from pontoon to boat if stepping up this can be particularly difficult for older and younger persons, these platforms offer a grounding to step onto at a safe level allowing a much more predictable and comfortable transition.